Brand Strategy Workbook

Brand Strategy Workbook


Ready to create a brand that truly connects?

Do you want to get clearer on your business, know what you want and where your going? Do you need some form i direction in what you need to create in your business? Have you been wasting so much time DIY-ing your logo to only be fed up of it and change it again and again. Or do you pay for cheep designs over and over again without really know what you want or need? Do you want to improve your brand, create consistency for your customers and ultimately create a better experience and charge more for your services?

Your brand is so much more than just a logo, it’s important to make a lasting impression that connects to ‘your people’ from the very beginning. Your brand should always start with nailing down a solid foundation for your business to build upon. This 11-page guide covers all the questions you need to be thinking about to create a great brand strategy, whether you're a new business or been in business for years!

This guide covers:

Your brand’s purpose and your business why

Your Ideal Clients and what they may look for in design

Your Unique Selling Point and what sets you apart from your competitors

Your Core values and how this may influence your design

Your Brand Message

Narrowing down your design

Colour psychology

Font psychology

Mood-board Homework

Evaluating your current design

Branding Checklist

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