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Collaborating with purpose driven creatives worldwide to create a brand that truly connects


Passion. Expertise. Life.


Does this sound like you?

You get bored of your DIYed logo - you’re constantly changing and spending hours trying to get it just right to just change it again a few weeks or months later. Your website just never looks how you want it too no matter how long you put into it and how many templates you switch too.

You want to look professional and have a gorgeous online presence, but you realise that your branding also needs to connect with your audience, have meaning and purpose. You need something that not only you will resonate with but everyone else will to. You want something that truly fits.

You’re ready to have a new brand propel you into your business future and help you take that next level. You want to gain confidence to continue your business for many years to come. You’re ready to take an important step that your business needs.


Hi I’m Sarah.

I'm a brand designer who helps creative entrepreneurs like you. All my clients are what inspires me in my business, hearing their stories, their passions. I want to help them turn that into a cohesive brand that fits them like a glove, something they are proud of and encourages that passion. I believe that working with a designer and taking this critical step in your business should be something fun and exciting! I also think that all my clients should feel genuinely comfortable with me to make any future adjustments to the brand as they grow, so their design is never left behind. I like to make sure I am there to support them every step of the way.


I want to help you connect.

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