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Q: I have an idea of what I’m thinking for my logo, how do I go about telling you that?

Firstly, check out this blog post. When I work with clients I create a brand strategy for their business, this takes a lot of research and hours of problem-solving. You receive a questionnaire at the start of your project telling me everything I need in order to create that strategy, although I do include a spot for your design preference, it’s not the purpose of my work. It’s imperative to remember that your brand design should work for your business and your audience first, looking ‘pretty’ or how you might envision might not be necessarily what will work and get the best results. Of course, I want my clients to have a design they love and take all their thoughts into consideration. The brand process is very enlightening of my clients, I’m here to help you every step of the way. If you are looking for someone to design something exactly the way you picture it, we're probably not the right fit.

Q: I don’t want to manage my website, can you?

I’d love to! I can either bill you per month or per edit depending on the number of changes you would require. If you need several edits per month every month like blog posts, products, copy etc then a monthly package would suit you.

Billed at an hourly rate or agreed upon monthly cost depending on the number of edits.

Q: What if I don’t like my design?

On the incredibly rare occasion if you feel at any point something isn’t clicking, you have the option to cancel our contract and pay for any remaining completed work up to that date. More info will be available in the contract sent at the begging of the project.

Q: Do you recommend a printers?

We have a business account with an online print company called Moo which I highly recommend! They produce very high-quality products, You’ll receive 20% on their products all year round.

Q: Do you offer monthly payment plans ?

I fully believe working with a designer shouldn’t be stressful, I believe it should be an incredibly exciting and insightful experience. I want to make the experience as easy as possible for my clients, I want you to be able to focus and enjoy the project without having to worry about the money. For this reason, I offer monthly payment plans going up to 8 months. How does this work? I’m glad you asked.

You can pay the total package cost for any amount of months that suits your budget up to a maximum of 8 months. Example. £700 / 7 = £100 per month for 7 months. This will be logged into my accounting system and which will send you an invoice each month.

What about the project? Soon as you’ve made your first payment, your project is secure and locked in my calendar. You will receive straight away your contracts, brand questionnaire, your mood board homework for you to start getting insight into your project and what you want to create. Your actual project start date will be scheduled for 2 WEEKS before your LAST payment. This is so that when the last payment has been successfully made your files will then be handed straight over to you. You can choose to pay any of your payment plans off at any time but please note once you have a date booked in you won’t be able to change the project start date due to limited spaces that may already be booked up.

On the very rare chance, you no longer want to go ahead with your project you can be refunded your amount although 25% will not be available to refund as this will act as a non-refundable deposit. I work with only one client per month meaning if a project is cancelled so is my work for that month.

Q: How do I recieve my final files?

Once the final invoice has been paid, you will receive all your files via Dropbox, you will receive a link to your folder where you can view and download all the files. Folders are only stored for 30 days so please make sure hey are stored safely and backed up.

Q: Can I work with you on a monthly basis for additional work?

Absolutely, I love forming long relationships with my clients. If you need monthly graphics and designs making then I can 100% set you up on a monthly retainer based on the amount of work needing to be done per month. This can also include website updates, see questions above.